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About my Metamorphosis

Finding Inspiration in Every Capture

Here I will show you all my different style portraits that I did over the years. It is actually quite interesting to see how many styles can fit with me, and what you think looks better or way better than the other style. 


Our Story

Since my insecurity of how I look and my ethnicity I went to hairdresser often since my 16th years old. The hairdresser was actually more to change the color of my hair than to cut it shorter, I didn't always like shorter hair. Now at the moment due to overtreatment I naturally have shorter hair, but it looks in a funky punk goth kinda way. Since I love to experiment what looks different and what I didn't try (for example Ice blond they always told me my skin was too dark for it), I'd love to wear wigs and see what makes sense nowadays. As it seems people do actually like too the blond on my skin tone! So it makes me more approachable and more modernized and more a nice person compared to black or dark hair, which on the other hand makes me more mysterious. 


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