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LOONA LOVE - Loona81

General Manager

Born and raised in West Europe, has extensive experience in different massage techniques. She is a certified aesthetician with a focus on body treatments, aromatherapy and body massage. Her point of view is holistic, preventive and health oriented. After moving to Canada she gained more experience as an Aesthetician. Her interest in holistic wellness and health is based on western and eastern holistic medicine of herbology and Ayurveda. She feels connected to nature, natural products and natural skin care lines. Her aesthetic talent lies in discovering new yet old techniques and combining different techniques from different places. Next to an aesthetician she is also spiritually inclined and loves to spend time in nature or develop herself further to become more whole, versatile and well rounded as a woman. She loves to share knowledge and connect to all kinds of different people from different cultures and backgrounds. It gives her satisfaction in life to know she can make a difference in someone else’s day or even life, by performing her profession with care and personal attention towards her clients.

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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